If you’re looking for a fun and affordable way to get married in New Zealand, you’ve come to the right place!  Flare Studio is a Videography/Photography company based in the happiness city in the world: Auckland! 
We specialize in weddings photography and videography which can be music video/highlight video/time line.  Whether you want to get married at big or small place, expensive or budget venue, we’ve got you covered.  Flare Studio offers consultation to have an ideal ideas for your special day, including, incredible scenario (your love story), how to enter, music for video clips and highlighted video, photography mood, schedule and much more!

How We Work Together

1- Having Coffee

Why not we meet in our studio or in a cafe!
Tell us what do you like and what do you wish!
let’s have a look at our portfolio and listen to our client story by us.
You never can find someone creative as much as our team is about wedding scenarios.
So contact us!

2- We Send You a Quote

Based on the scenario you have selected and the budget and content of our meeting we will offer you the best price.
We do not sacrifice quality and we do not make any customer dissatisfied with the unreasonable price.

3- Let’s Do It!

When the beautiful day comes, we’ll be on site in accordance with previous arrangements and your wedding scenario, and we’ll cover your wedding ceremony by two teams, photographers and videographers.
If your event is more than a day long, our team will cover it based on arrangements.